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Contact a sales agent
Spain (+34) 916 851 242
MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger,
GTalk, Skype, etc.

Contact us to find together the best solution that fits your particular needs.

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The sessions and meetings with these messaging systems are scheduled previously.

To contact fill the following form contact specifying the system you want to use to conversate with us.

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Phones and emails
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Internet & Websites
Spain (+34) 91 685 12 42
MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, GTalk, Skype, etc.

Our locations

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Oficina Regional Europa
Avda. Rey Juan Carlos 92,planta 2, oficina 24
28916 Madrid
Neurowork Consulting SL (CIF: B85215754)
(+34) 91 685 12 42

Work with us

We're in constant search of professionals on different areas like development, free software (FOSS), sysadmin, design, etc. to be included in job searches and/or IT projects.

It is of our interest that you become part of our team. For that, we have a portal where you'll be able to mantain an up to date version of your CV, to receive job offers and to learn about IT-related news and events.

Registering in our portal is free to everyone and free of cost, and it's the main tool that we use in our searches of professionals. Register me and enter my CV.

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