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IT Management Solutions

For the management of IT infrastructures we have a wide range of solutions which will ease the control, management and monitorization of your information services in a centralized way.

Flozer DeskCenter
Central Desktop Management Center

“Control, mantain and handle all your farm of workstations from a single point.”

We offer connectivity to your network at a low cost using different communication protocols (X, RDP, VNC, RFB), in a similar way than solutions like Citrix, beneficing of the use of more network compression and with FLOSS solutions which will allow for costs cutting and to have technical solutions which provide an optimum performance.

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Flozer ControlCenter
Central IT Management Center

“Handle your IT assets like a service, handle them with ITIL.”

Current corporations have application servers and complex corporative networks which are prone to incidents. Not handling this problems in the network can cause important losses in the bussiness of your corporation because of not having a solution which allows for proper monitorization of the environment.

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Flozer KeyCenter
Central Key Management Center

“Handle the credentials and identities of your users in an optimal and centralized way.”

An integral, economic and centralized solution for secure and quick access to all kinds of Web-based applications with a simple identity, providing unique access with a single credential, centralization of authentication services and unified identity handling.

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Latest news

19-09-2011 Neurowork participates in the meeting SIMO Network 2011
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29-10-2010 Neurowork get the award of a contest CENATIC
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09-12-2009 Neurowork organises the 9th edition of WhyFLOSS Conference in the EOI
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30-03-2009 Neurowork joins Legal Software Campaign
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Latest events

31-05-2011 Conference WhyFLOSS Neurowork performed successfully in the IE Business School
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31-03-2011 Free Software Conference WhyFloss
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05-11-2010 Neurowork assist to answers SIC event
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28-10-2010 Neurowork asiist to RedHat Enterprise Conference Virtualization 2010
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