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FLOSS Consulting

The great advancement of Linux in the corporate sector and the use of software based on open source components make companies progressively realize the advantages of this technological movement. It does not only significantly reduce costs of development and implementation, but also provides reduction of risks and improvement of stability and performance, accompanied by a short-term return of investment.

  • Our professional team disposes of the appropriate training and tools which allow them to implement projects within the stipulated time and with predictalbe outcome, giving to the client a trustworthy, useful and maintenable product. This process involves special care to the realistic needs of the end user's business or activity.
  • Systems administration Our system administration experts handle your information systems on GNU/Linux, Solaris and BSD, providing robust services at a low cost and using FLOSS software. Adequate Consulting Our consultants start with you assessing your needs, to obtain the maximum benefit from your information systems.

Latest news

19-09-2011 Neurowork participates in the meeting SIMO Network 2011
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29-10-2010 Neurowork get the award of a contest CENATIC
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09-12-2009 Neurowork organises the 9th edition of WhyFLOSS Conference in the EOI
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30-03-2009 Neurowork joins Legal Software Campaign
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Latest events

31-05-2011 Conference WhyFLOSS Neurowork performed successfully in the IE Business School
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31-03-2011 Free Software Conference WhyFloss
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05-11-2010 Neurowork assist to answers SIC event
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28-10-2010 Neurowork asiist to RedHat Enterprise Conference Virtualization 2010
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