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Infraestructure Virtualization

Virtualization Increases Server Utilization. The ability to easily move multiple virtual servers onto a single physical machine—and then migrate those virtual servers whenever additional resources are needed—allows for a radical reduction in the total number of servers needed by your organization. Without the benefit of virtualization the average server only has a utilization rate of 15%. This provides a large window of opportunity.

  • Virtualization Reduces IT Costs Increased server utilization and consolidation provides savings from:
    • Lower Server, SAN, Network and Infrastructure Costs
    • Reduced Management Overhead
    • Lower Power, Real-estate and Deployment Costs
    Virtualization Increases Operational Agility The ability to instantly provision new pre-packaged virtual servers onto a virtualized infrastructure gets new applications up and running in the infrastructure in minutes, instead of weeks or months. Plus, being able to quickly move virtual servers from one machine to another—or re-start a failed server-- dramatically improves resilience to failures. Virtualization Unleashes These Benefits Only Flozer virtualization solutions have the speed, security, and cost advantages to bring the promise of virtualization to realization in a production environment. Reasons:
    • Increase Server Utilization and Enable Server Consolidation
    • Improve Business Continuity and Ease New Deployments
    • Ease the Burden for Testing and Development
    • Extend Virtualization Throughout Your Enterprise
  • Server Consolidation
    • Increase Server Utilization . With typical data centers suffering from utilization rates of under 15%, improving utilization is a key to reducing data center server sprawl. The hypervisor decouples the physical hardware from the operating systems that run on it and enables multiple operating system instances to be resident on a single physical server. This means allows multiple applications to be housed on a single server, utilizing otherwise idle server capacity and reducing the number of servers required in the company. Flozer enables you to easily get virtualization up and running. It's an integrated package that includes a comprehensive tool set to simplify deployment, provisioning and management of a virtual infrastructure.
    • Virtualization Dramatically Reduces IT TCO. By increasing server utilization, enabling server consolidation, and streamlining server management, Flozer virtualization can dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership for infrastructure server deployment:
      • Reduce server capital expenditures – Increased server utilization and server consolidation dramatically reduces capital expenses required for new server acquisition
      • Reduce facilities costs – Server consolidation not only frees up space in the data center, it also reduces your power and cooling requirements deferring the need to build-out new data center facilities
      • Reduce server management costs – For every dollar spent on server capital expenditures, organizations spend -6 per year on operating expenses. Eliminate server burden costs for deployment, administration, maintenance, and patch management
      • Reduce operating system configurations - Flozer decreases the number of operating system configurations in a data center environment, often from thousands to less than ten. This drastically reduces the time required to deploy upgrades and patches
    • Libre Software Provides Dramatic Cost Advantages. And because the Flozer virtualization is Libre Software, it radically changes the economics of virtualization. Virtualization can be affordably deployed to every server in the infrastructure. Compare this with proprietary hypervisors costing thousands of dollars per server, and the affordability advantage of Virtualization-based solutions is clear.
    • Business Continuity. With threats ranging from simple hardware failures to natural disasters, IT infrastructures face more challenges today that ever before. And with enterprises growing increasingly reliant on information technology, IT organizations are finding that downtime of any type can have severe consequences on the business. Virtualization enables business continuity and ensures application uptime with fine-grained performance monitoring and live relocation technology in which virtual servers can be moved in less than 100 ms. When a server experiences hardware failure, the software instantly recognizes the problem and moves affected applications to a reserve server pool.
    • Increase Uptime While Reducing Server Maintenance Burden. Virtualization live relocation technology not only improves business continuity by improving application uptime, but also provides a number of benefits to reduce the burden of server maintenance. These include:
      • Zero downtime maintenance – when maintenance is required on a server, simply move instances of virtual servers running on it to a pool of spare server capacity. Enable server maintenance during the working day, not on evenings and weekends
      • Optimizing application performance – monitor application performance SLAs against compute capacity and dynamically rebalance as required
      • Instant-on provisioning – eliminate the time required to install and configure new physical servers, instead deploying new instances of virtual servers using existing server capacity
      These capabilities can greatly reduce the complexity and time required to manage and maintain enterprise server deployments, while increasing uptime for critical applications

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